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Welcome to Brand On Vizion Your Full Service Digital Media Company

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Digital Menu Boards


Brand On Vizion Digital Menu Boards offer a flexible and versatile solution to replace outdated static menu boards. You can remotely update & schedule your digital menu board to update pricing, showcase daily specials and real-time promos, cross and up-sell, and more. In most locations, digital menu boards have been shown to increase sales by over 5%! Digital menu boards will grow your business by influencing point of sales, reducing static signage costs, improving operations, and enhancing your brand image.




  • Remotely update pricing quickly to adjust to seasonality and rising food prices
  • Remove delivery & production costs of updating static menu boards
  • Visually attractive to customers, grabbing attention and increasing through-traffic
  • Generate revenue through up-selling products, display promos, and real-time advertising
  • Store operations are improved as switching signage out requires no physical labor or wasted time
  • Improve your brand and store aesthetics with modern & impressive technology
  • Stay clean! Our commercial displays are fanless designed
  • Better compliance with menu labeling laws
  • Minimize human error and maximize your ROI

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