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Welcome to Brand On Vizion Your Full Service Digital Media Company

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Content creation


Your digital signage should be a natural extension of your brand, culture and environment.


Let our award-winning digital signage specialists bring their experience in design and usability techniques to your project. We can provide anything from branded background sets to custom interactive designs.


Our creative team will incorporate your colors, fonts and graphics into your design, making sure each component is uniquely tailored to your project. Each component is specifically created for use in digital signage applications with proven color, contrast and layout systems factored into your graphics:




  • Create dynamic, eye-catching layout elements tailored to your brand
  • Incorporate photos, video, games and more
  • Design quick-fill digital templates for message continuity
  • Customize PowerPoint templates for easy creation outside the system
  • Set up pre-configured alert templates and department notices
  • Animate static logos, text and graphics for more impact
  • Create energy usage dashboards and real-time shuttle mapping
  • Encourage audience participation with QR Tags, SMS Polls and more
  • Design custom wayfinding maps and directories to help direct visitors


Auto Menu Board from Freshwater DigitalMediaPartners on Vimeo.


Beer Menu from Freshwater DigitalMediaPartners on Vimeo.


Meijer – Credit Card Sample from Freshwater DigitalMediaPartners on Vimeo.

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